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Dakota slot drains

Linear Slot Channels: Advantages and types of use

Linear slot channels (also called slot drains) represent an innovative and functional solution for the management of rainwater in numerous architectural ...

Dakota Eco-Pluvial siphonic stormwater gully / inspection chamber

Hermetically sealed catch-pits for sub-surface electrical services

In the construction of sub-surface electrical installations, hermetically sealed catch-pits emerge as indispensable components ...

Dakota Eco-Pluvial siphonic stormwater gully / inspection chamber

Enhancing Drainage Efficiency with Catch-Pits in Modern Systems

In the realm of urban infrastructure, effective drainage is a crucial component for the smooth functioning of cities ...

Dakota Eco-Pluvial siphonic stormwater gully / inspection chamber

Odor Control - Siphoned Gullies and Catch Basins

Siphoned catch basins and gullies play a crucial role in preventing odors from drains by incorporating a water seal mechanism ...

Dakota drain

Surface and foul water drainage: Everything you need to know

Proper management and flow of rainwater and waste water is, amongst other things, essential to ensure building projects are long-lasting ...

The advantages of plastic drainage channels

The Advantages of Plastic Drainage Channels

Channel drains, also known as trench drains or drainage channels, are arguably the most important component of modern drainage systems ...